Wedding Vows at our Wedding Hall

Making you wedding vows and ceremony unique and personal is something every bride and groom want. And in a world with an endless stream of themes and ideas floating around the internet and bridal magazines, its easy to end up with something quite lovely, but not quite “yours”. There is one thing before all others that can trump any trinket, flower-arrangement or gimmick.

Writing your own vows. Real sincere vows.

Do not let an officiant read from a traditional script which leaves not only your guests but yourselves yawning and waiting for the bar to open. Take time out of the overwhelming planning aspects of the big day and go to your favorite patio or coffee shop and spend an afternoon writing to one another. Your vows should be a promise and a love-letter all in one. Something that tells your partner what you love most about them and what that love pushes you to accomplish in a world that would be far less beautiful without them in it. Say to them that they are unique in your universe and that you’ll protect them and cherish them from that moment until your very last. Tell them in your own voice that there is nothing more precious in the world to you than their happiness.

If you’re not a writer, or you feel your words may come out awkwardly and you want something more refined or poetic, don’t be afraid to enlist some help. Ask someone in your life who knows you both, knows the two of you as a couple throughout your relationship and has a knack for words. They will be honored to help you and you should never be embarrassed by making this request of a true friend. Many people are not literary by nature but the words are always there to be found if you can open up and look for them. State in a matter-of-fact way to the person helping you, what you would tell anyone who asked you, “Why them?” That is all it takes and really all there is to it. Answer that question for yourself, for your partner and everyone in attendance.

Often there is one big roadblock for potential brides and grooms when crafting their vows and it gets in the way far too often. You are not writing the vows just for your partner, although they are the most important person to hear them. You are writing them for the world you share as well. Tell them how proud you are that they chose you and that there is nothing in the world that makes you happier than announcing before your families and friends how blessed you feel to be the one and only person they want to live their life beside. Not only will it show how great your love is for this person in front of you, it will stand as a statement of record before every person there precisely why the world should approve of and accept the union of you and your beloved.

Always be honest, vulnerable and plainly word your intention and inspiration for that moment in time. If anyone deserves your deepest heart on display, it is the person you are committing your life to. Great vows are a safeguard against hard times later in life, when you may face difficulties that shake things up and cause you to forget yourself or make it difficult to remember that whatever may come, there is always someone there beside you, one person who is for you and on your side, always. When that happens, and it will, go back to those vows, read them for yourself or to each other and recommit to that perfect day you shared. Let that day shine along the entirety of your life together and illuminate even the darkest moments later on.

Good luck to all of you in this important task. You can never go wrong when you tell the truth about how you came to this amazing place in your life and why it is with this person and no one else.

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