Top 5 Summer Wedding Trends


Floral Walls

Maybe it was inspired by Kim and Kanye, but floral walls are taking over as the backdrop to your perfect day. Walls filled with roses, peonies and dahlias are eye catching ways to make your day visually memorable.  These stunning creations can serve as the background to the aisle, the bride and groom table or even the dance floor.

Warm Colour Dresses

Warmer weather means warmer colours. Summer brings tons of colours to bridesmaid dresses and even weddings guests’ attire. Blush, mint, coral are just some of the hottest colours this season. A huge trend taking the wedding party by storm is a mix of colours or even styles to bridesmaid’s dresses instead of the usual one colour/style for all.

BBQ Inspired Menus

Filling your menu with summer barbeque favourites brings the flavor and feel of summer to all your guests. Having a live bbq with traditional hot dogs and hamburgers or the more interesting like salmon, veggies or ribs can really add an interesting twist to your summer themed wedding.

Refreshing Cocktails

Warm weather wedding cocktails brings in light and refreshing flavours. Summer cocktail must haves include white wine spritzers, alcoholic lemonades and sangeria.

Take the extra step with some unique touches for garnishes that will make a cool addition to any drink with cucumbers, oranges or strawberries.

Big Bands and DJs

Bands are a guaranteed way to fire up your crowd, get them out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Starting off the night with a big band will cater to all ages of your crowd.  Switching to a DJ after dinner and speeches will allow those with a diverse palate of music to enjoy. What better way for all your guests to enjoy the evening from start to finish.








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