How to Reduce Wedding Costs at a Banquet Hall


  1. Have your wedding off season
    Weddings held during the months of January to April are     considered off season. This is considered a down time for the wedding industry and wedding vendors offer a variety of promotional discounts. It is the best time to show off your negotiation skills.
  2. Weddings held on a Sunday or Friday tend to be less expensive than a Saturday.
  3. Instead of a three or four course dinner, consider having a luncheon or brunch
  4. Think about having a cocktail party with finger foods instead of a formal dinner party.
  5. Do not have a host bar. There is nothing wrong with having a cash bar if you are on a tight budget.
  6. Make sure that the wedding ceremony and wedding reception are in the same location.
  7. Have a small intimate wedding for family and close friends. You do not have to invite everyone you know.
  8. Do you really need a large wedding cake?
  9. If you are having a formal dinner, consider chicken rather than beef. The price of beef is rising drastically.
  10.  A DJ can offer you the same entertainment as a live band, but at a fraction of the cost.
  11.  Non floral center pieces are less expensive than fresh flowers. If you  want fresh flowers, make sure you choose those that are in season.
  12.  Explore the in house options which your venue offers: linen, décor, lighting
  13. Venues with in house catering are less expensive because there is no rentals involved.