Multicultural Toronto Wedding Venue

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Toronto wedding venueVaughan wedding venue services multicultural wedding catering menu.

Vaughan banquet halls vary in size, location, ambiance, service offered and the quality of food. The Avenue has maintained its reputation for quality food and superb service for over a decade.

Over the years we have developed an expertise in blending multicultural weddings into one cohesive event. The ethnicity of the bride and groom are maintained and fused into one. Our ability to service multicultural weddings has made us a Toronto wedding venue destination. We respect the cultures and traditions of the bride and groom and try to combine both into a memorable event.

We just hosted a wedding for the groom’s Russian culture and the bride’s East Indian culture.

The food menu consisted as follows:
Russian Menu
Salads on Table—- Hummus & Tehina
Fried Eggplant in tomato sauce
Chopped Eggplant with freshly cut vegetables
Baba Ghanush
Fried sliced Eggplant in a vinaigrette dressing
Chef’s salad – Apple and Fried Eggplant
Mushroom Salad
Waldorf Salad (celery, apples, pineapples, walnuts & mayo)
Stolichnaya Salad – Olivier salad
Cole Slaw
Matbucha salad (roasted tomatoes & peppers)
Turkish salad
Two hot appetizers in the middle of table: chicken tabaka and dollma
Three charcoaled grilled meat platters: chicken, beef and lamb shish kebab. Accompanied with platters of basmati rice, grilled vegetables and oven roasted potatoes.
East Indian Menu
Saag panir, dal panchrattan, vegetable jafrezi, lamb rara, butter chicken, panir kadhai, baigan arbi, chana masala, panir shahi, aloo gobi, bhindi do piazza, dal makhni, panir achari, mushroom labadar, baigan Patiala, nan, rice pillaw, raita, salad and pickles.

Sweet Table
Fresh fruit display, small pastries, dessert shooters, funnel cakes with all the toppings.

Everyone was happy because each guest was served the food they were acquainted with. The room was done beautifully and the service was executed with speed and precision.

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