Boutique Wedding Venues in Vaughan

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Vaughan Banquet Halls
Vaughan Banquet Halls

Boutique style wedding venues in Vaughan are difficult to find. Most are built in a multiplex type of structure in order to host more than one party per night.

The Avenue Banquets is a single event venue and only hosts one event per evening. It is has an in house catering team. It also has an on site kosher kitchen administered by Mitzuyan Kosher Catering. This makes kosher weddings very affordable because there are no rentals for kosher dishes, cutlery or equipment.

The Avenue is different from other Vaughan wedding venues because it is owner operated. There are no sales people trying to upsell your wedding needs. The owners deliver what they promise and are present on the night of your event to make sure nothing goes wrong.The owners are with you from the beginning of your journey to the end. Marla Kay, the owner, offers you complementary wedding planning services and is available to guide your wedding journey.

The staff at the Avenue have worked as a team for over a decade. The Avenue does not have to rely on third party staffing agency. The staff and the owners have become a tight family unit. They are able to anticipate each other needs and execute them with out error.

The wedding catering menus at the Avenue are constantly changing and evolving. The catering are experts at creating fusion wedding menus for different cultures. They have blended Chinese and Western foods, East Indian and Russian foods, Chinese and Portuguese foods, Filipina  and Kosher foods, Polish and East Indian, Western and Caribbean foods and Western and Filipino foods.

The Avenue is very part to offer wedding services to the LGBTQ community.

The facility is constantly updated and maintained, The owners take pride in the services that they offer. They consider the venue as part of their home and treat each client as a guest. They listen to the wishes and needs of their clients.

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