A Raving Review for The Avenue Banquet Hall in Toronto

Wedding Ceremony at an  event venue  TorontoOn Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 9:31 AM, Melissa Ferreira wrote:
Hi Marla,

I thought I would take the time to email you because I couldn’t go another day without letting you know my experience throughout this long journey! Let me start off with how much I enjoyed my wedding! I cannot complain about one thing and I have you and your team to thank.

First off the decor was amazing! It was exactly the way I wanted it to be and more! My guests, Jason and I were amazed with how the whole place looked. I had to hold back tears once everything was done. Please thank your team for that.

Secondly, the food was magnificent! Portuguese people are very picky with food but I did not heard anything but good things about how the salmon, steak, chicken, seafood (pretty much everything) tasted. Another comment people made was that they didn’t have to wait so long for food. That’s a problem at a lot of Weddings we’ve attended but thank god your chef and team were on schedule with the food. One of my guests even said he might throw his godchildren’s communion party next year so stay toned for that ?!

Thirdly, the service was amazing. I loved the way your waiters would ask each table if everything was good and if they needed anything. A lot of my guests commented to me about that and told me that they never experienced that at a wedding. Comments like those make my day and please thank your staff for that! They were sweet, caring and overall amazing! I also hope they weren’t bothered by me forcing them to eat! I kept telling them they need to eat as well. I hope they had a great time because without them, the wedding wouldn’t have gone as smoothly!

Lastly (well the last thing that I will mention because there were so many amazing things that went on at the wedding) was you! Throughout this whole experience you (and your husband- can’t forget about Norm) were amazing! From the minute I visited the hall the first time, to the very end (when you started yelling at Matt about my dress dragging on the floor ?) you always seem to make me smile and feel like everything is going to be ok and not to stress. You never said no to any of my ideas and you were always accommodating – I love that about you! I felt like I was amongst family when I would call you up with a problem or email you in a panic! Thank you for being there Marla!

I’m going to end my email here before I burst out crying with joy. Please share this with your team and you can even post it on your site if you like. I want everyone to know how amazing the boulevard room and the avenue are and I would recommend either hall to any bride who is looking for a stress free wedding. If any future brides ask you for a reference, please give them my number. I have nothing but good things to say about you, your team and the halls!

I know this will not be the last of us seeing each other as I plan to do my future children’s birthdays, communions and I hope, their wedding at your hall one day ?. Love you guys and thank you for everything you have done for Us to make our day special!

The happy newly weds Melissa and Jason Silva.

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