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Our 2017 Toronto wedding season has come to an end and we are looking forward to an exciting 2018 wedding season.

In 2107 we became experts in the planning of multicultural weddings. We can combine different cultures into one celebratory union. We insure that a multicultural wedding represents who the couple are, their culture and their tradition. Our wedding catering menus emphasize the cuisine of both cultures. Each family is equally represented. Our multicultural wedding receptions in 2017 were: East Indian and Polish cultures, Portuguese and Asian cultures, East Indian and Persian cultures, Jewish and Catholic religions, Greek and Italian cultures, Asian and Western cultures, East Indian and Western cultures, Jewish and Philippine cultures, Latin and Russian cultures, Jamaican and Trinidadian cultures, Philippine and Western cultures, Russian and Western cultures.

We also hosted Russian, Israeli, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Caribbean, Persian, Latin, Macedonian and Western weddings.

Our venue is unique because we are a single event facility. We only host one event per night. We have a complimentary on-site ceremony room which can seat 265 people. Our international catering team can design and execute meals from different part of the world. Each one of our eight in-house international chefs have been trained in different parts of the world and bring their knowledge and expertise to our kitchen. We provide complimentary food menu tastings to ensure that your food selection satisfies your taste.

The most unique aspect to our wedding venue is the owner of The Avenue Banquet Hall, Marla Kay. Prior to owning the venue, she was a successful wedding and event planner for more twenty years. Her services are complimentary when you book your wedding with The Avenue. Check our Facebook page and our google reviews to hear what people are saying about Marla Kay. Her expertise and guidance will save you thousands of dollars.

Each wedding is different. There is no cookie cut approach when it comes to planning your special day. We listen to your needs and wishes and create memorable memories for you.

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