Wine Pairing by Wedding Venue in Vaughan

Wedding venue in TorontoThe sign of a good wedding venue in Vaughan is the ability to offer you advice on the pairing of wine with the food being prepared for your event. The catering team at The Avenue Banquet Hall is able to provide you with wedding food catering options and wine selections to compliment. We are a single event wedding venue in Vaughan with an in-house sommelier.

Certain types of food do not go well with certain types of wines. Do you know why red wine does not pair well with fish? Red wines contain tannin and when combined with fish will leave a metallic taste in your mouth. Can you imagine what a dinner disaster this would create?

Wine should either compliment or contrast your food. Wine pairing with food requires the understanding of the chemical elements present in the wine and the components of the food. What are the ingredients in the food? How is the food cooked and what is the taste and texture of the finished food? A caterer must be a good cook and a sommelier at the same time to be able to combine food and wine. The objective is to make food and wine taste better when consumed together.

Consider the following simple guide to wine pairing for your personal needs:
1. Red wine for beef, cheese, cured meats, duck, lamb, pasta, pizza, risotto.
2. White wine for chicken, fish, shell fish and turkey.
3. Sweet wine for desserts

For a more in-depth guide to wine choices check out

The Avenue is a full-service wedding event company. We understand the importance of your wedding day. All our catering and event planning solutions insure a successful wedding event. We can meet the challenges of all dietary requests. We can modify all our menus or create new ones to accommodate halal, kosher, vegan, vegetarian and allergy restrictive diets.

The Avenue Banquet Hall provides catering solutions and event planning solutions to all wedding events. We respect your budget and try not to exceed it.

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