Wedding Catering

Wedding cateringwedding catering in the last few years has changed. Many of our young brides are requesting vegan food options. They want to provide their guests with glimpse of their lifestyle choices. They want to show them that there are alternative options to the traditional chicken dinner and sweet table. We listened to our brides and instructed our chefs to design vegan wedding catering options.

Our chefs have created a variety of vegan food options to satisfy this growing demand.

Some vegan menu suggestions are:
Farfalle pasta salad with sundried tomatoes and black olives, roasted peppers, balsamic vinaigrette.
Edamame and Napa cabbage salad
Quinoa with sweet potatoes and cranberries
Israeli cous cous salad
Spicy ratatouille served over rice
Couscous stuffed portabella mushrooms
Pasta primavera with seasonal vegetables with marinara sauce
Mushroom phyllo roulade with smoked paprika crème
Tofu squash ravioli in a cashew cream sauce
Roasted bell peppers stuffed with bulgur, herbs, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives and toasted pine nut stuffing
Roasted vegetable lasagna with vegan ricotta, broccoli rabe with white beans, sundried tomatoes, chili and garlic
Roasted beet hummus with pistachios
Butternut squash soup
Hassel back spicy roasted carrots
Korean scallion and kimchi latkes
Shitake lomein
Citrus broccoli with cashews
Curried vegetable stew
Israeli salad with avocado min
Farfalle with cauliflower
Spaghetti squash gratin
Vegetarian moussaka
Quinoa stuffed red and green peppers
Vegetarian stuffed cabbage and tomatoes
Sweet potato gnocchi with sage and walnuts
Choosing a vegan wedding dinner can be stressful because you want to make sure that the choices you are making will satisfy the palate of your guests. You have to remember that the majority of your guests are meat eaters and have never been exposed to a plant based diet.
The Avenue Banquet Hall provides complimentary tastings. Choose a variety of options and make sure to bring devout meat eaters to the tasting. Solicit their opinion and make choice base on their input.

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