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The Avenue Banquet Hall is a single event wedding venue in Vaughan which offers wedding services and wedding catering to all of Toronto’s cultures.

We are always pleased to host Chinese weddings. Our wedding banquet hall in Toronto becomes transformed into a spectacular event with vibrant décor and traditional entertainment. Our exclusive Chinese caterer is Rovey Catering. All the food is prepared fresh in our kitchens. No food is prepared off site and delivered to our event venue for reheating. Their food is delicious and presented beautifully. The catering team and wait staff are professional and very accommodating. We recommend and support Rovey Catering to all our Asian clients.

The menu featured:
1. Roasted suckling pig with jelly fish and seaweed salad.
2. Deep fried crab claws
3. Sautéed prawns and scallops with honey beans
4. Supreme soup with shredded abalone, sea cucumber and fish maw
5. Braised sliced abalone mushrooms and shitake mushrooms on vegetables
6. Pan seared beef tenderloin with oriental sauce
7. Steamed twin green basses with ginger and scallion in soya dressing
8. Roasted crispy chicken
9. Fried rice with chicken and garlic
10. Braised e-fu noodle
11. Tapioca with mango sauce and mixed fruit
12. Duo fancy wedding pastries—somanthus pudding, moji ball with lotus paste

The vegetarian menu featured:
1. Vegetarian suckling pig
2. Golden vegetarian mix
3. Vegetarian prawns with black bean sauce
4. Vegetarian sharks fin soup
5. Vegetarian slice abalone with vegetables
6. Braised assorted vegetarian treasure with seaweed salad
7. Vegetarian mock chicken
8. Vegetarian mock bacon roll and mock ham
9. Vegetarian fried rice
10. Braised vermicelli with enoki mushrooms
11. Tapioca with mango sauce and mixed fruit
12. Duo fancy wedding pastries

A beautiful sweet table ended the evening. It featured a slice fruit display, mini pastries, dessert shooters and Belgium waffles with ice cream.

The Avenue Banquet Hall is a single wedding event venue in Toronto and Vaughan.