Vaughan Wedding Venue

Wedding venuesWedding Venue Toronto in Vaughan seem to be emerging at a fast pace. Downtown space is limited and expensive. The Avenue is not a new kid on the block. It has been in business for over a decade.

The Avenue is attractive to potential brides and grooms because it is affordable. The owners listen to your needs and design a package to satisfy your taste and your budget. Marla Kay, the owner was a wedding planner prior to owning the hall. Her knowledge is valuable and comes complimentary with your wedding. She will help you with the planning and provide you with vendor recommendations that will suit your budget.

The Avenue Banquet Hall is a premier wedding event venue in Vaughan. Its location at Dufferin and Steeles makes it easy to access by all the major highway routes.

Many of the Banquet Halls in Vaughan are multiplex in design. They host more than one party per night. The Avenue is a boutique style facility which can only accommodate one party per night.

The Avenue is different from other venues because it does not use employment agencies to staff their events. The professional team have been providing wedding services for more than a decade. This insures that the logistics of your party will run without any major mistakes. It provides with the assurance that your demands will be carried out as specified. Did you ever go to a wedding and ask the waitstaff for an extra fork? They look at you with a blank expression with no idea for an answer. A continuous presence of the same staff makes sure that such an occurrence never happens.

The in-house catering team have been together for 15 years. They are a unified team working in harmony to provide delicious and eye-catching food masterpieces. See a sample of their wedding catering options. They can provide a wide variety of foods from around the world.
The Avenue offers you quality food and exceptional service at a reasonable price. Take advantage of their winter wedding promotions. Many Toronto banquet halls are losing business to Vaughan banquet halls.


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