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The Avenue Banquet Hall can help you with wedding decor solutions.

No matter where you are getting married, there are simple designer tricks that will help you avoid the major “no-no’s” of wedding decorating. Whether your budget is big or not, these tips are pertinent for every couple to keep in mind when making decor decisions.

Embrace the space. Decorators recommend that you avoid trying to “transform” a space too much. The wedding venue you pick should speak to you whether it is decorated to the nines or not. The more you love the space in its original state, the more you can be sure it will wow you and your guests on the big day. When decorating, think of ways to enhance the natural beauty of your venue, like adding lighting or drawing attention to your favorite parts, rather than bringing in things to “cover up”.

Simple surprises carry big impact. While many couples focus on big decorating decisions, it can actually be the little things that make your wedding day and venue one to remember. Simple things like incorporating photos, adding pops of color with pillows and blankets, or even thinking outside of the box and hanging flowers and plants rather than setting them on a table, will ensure that your wedding venue looks special – and reflects your personality and taste.

Remember your guests. What will make the event extra special for your guests? What will give them something unique to do? What will ensure that they enjoy every moment? While no one is arguing that your wedding day is your day, keeping your guests in mind while decorating will help you pull off something extraordinary. Creating a photo booth or wall for guests, ensuring that there is plenty of room to visit and relax, writing menus or schedules on cards or chalkboards – these are all ways to enhance your venue decor while simultaneously being thoughtful towards your guests.

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