Banquet Halls in Vaughan

Vaughan banquet hallThere are many banquet halls in Vaughan to choose from. The Avenue Banquet Hall distinguishes itself from the rest with quality food and service. There is always a reason as to why price vary between event venues. Keep in mind that you pay what you get for.

The online reviews of the Avenue speak for themselves and are a testament to our food and service.

The Avenue is a single event venue and only does one party per night. Your privacy and intimacy is guaranteed.

Our international catering team would like to share on of their favorite recipes for mussels.
Two tablespoons of olive oil
Two chopped onions
Six loaves of minced garlic
One tablespoon of chopped fresh ginger root
One bunch of chopped cilantro
Five hundred grams of whole peeled tomatoes pureed in a blender
One teaspoon of chili sauce
One and one-half cups of dry white wine
One teaspoon of salt
Two pounds of mussels
Heat oil over medium heat
Saute the onion, garlic, ginger and cilantro for two to three minutes.
Add the tomato puree, chili sauce, wine and salt. Mix well and simmer for about ten minutes.
Add cilantro leaves and mussels. Increase the heat to high and cover the pot tightly. Check the pot every two minutes. As the mussels open, remove from the pot. It usually takes six to ten minutes for all the mussels to open. Discard those that have not opened. Be sure to remove open mussels and not leave them in the pot, otherwise they will get hard.
Place open mussels in a bowl and drizzle the sauce over them.

Our menus reflect the diversity found in the city of Toronto. Our chefs can cater a variety of international foods. Find your favourite food option in our catering menu section.

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