Best Bachelorette Party Games


You are planning the bride to be’s bachelorette party and every detail has been checked off the list except for one, games! Games are a must have at any bachelorette party. These activities break the ice for the gals and guys who do not know each other and make the evening fun. They also serve as the perfect drinking game and really bring up the excitement in your group. What our favourite thing about having bachelorette party games is that it brings everyone together and sets up the evening to be a memorable one. Make sure you also buy prizes and gifts for the winners of each game. Items such as mini champagne bottles, lip glosses or candy are perfect. In this wedding blog post, we share some of our favourite bachelorette party games our bridesmaids have given us at our Toronto, Vaughan and GTA banquet hall.

Junk in the Trunk

Attach an empty kleenex box to the waist of your bride and party players. Put 8 ping-pong balls in it. Have 1 minute to shake all the balls out. The player with the most ping-pong balls shaken out wins!

Cads about Matrimony

This game is exactly like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity but it is all about weddings. It is the perfect game for a bachelorette especially during dinnertime. You can buy the pro deck or more conveniently the printable PDF version. You can find a link to the website here:

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This game is exactly like the one we all used to play as children, but instead you can make it very sexy, depending on your bride’s tastes. There are many pre printed posters at any party store and they are hilarious!

Never Have I Ever

This game is a perfect icebreaker and drinking game. Someone states something they’ve never done and if a person in the room has done it, they drink!

Who Am I?

This is a fun, charades genre game where you write well known people or characters on sticky notes and place on them on the back of your guests. Players need to walk around the room and ask questions to try and figure out who they have written on their back. The first one to guess correctly wins a prize!

Panty Games

Everyone needs to bring a new pair of underwear that somehow reminds the bride of them. The bride needs to guess which panty belongs to which guest. If she gets it wrong, she must drink. The bride also gets to keep all of the underwear, so make sure you buy it in her size!

He Says, She Says

Create a quiz of anecdotes, sayings or quotes that bride and groom would say. Have guests try and guess who said which quote.

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