The Avenue Banquet Hall: Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a wedding planner may be one of the best decisions a potential bride and groom can make. If you look around, you will find that there are specialties among wedding planners depending on the type of event you plan to have.

There is another element to consider and that is the experience and range of expertise of your wedding specialist. So when you choose The Avenue Banquet Hall you are making an excellent personal choice.

The reason is that Marla Kay, owner and operator of The Avenue, has been a wedding planner for more than a quarter of a century. So when you book your wedding at The Avenue, you also benefit from her event planning experience.

Marla’s guidance eliminates the usual stress involved in planning and orchestrating a special event, such as your wedding day. Her recommendations will save you thousands of dollars.

Her services go beyond being your advisor for the wedding ceremony or reception. Because The Avenue only caters to one wedding at a time, for the whole day of your wedding, her attention is devoted to you and only you.

She is on site on your wedding day and performs the duties of your private wedding consultant. There is so little worry about any details because of her ability to plan the entire day for you that you essentially become a guest at your own wedding.

There are a lot of little things that could go wrong on a wedding day. Because planning a wedding is traditionally a once in a lifetime event, most people don’t really have a lot of experience in this kind of planning to draw on.

Because of this, the only way you can learn how to avoid pitfalls is through learning the hard way. That means learning what not to do by having something go wrong at the wedding.

Having a good planner on hand – as part of the venue rental – not only saves your sanity and your money. It creates a perfect day for you from the meal selection to the flowers and decor.

As for the cake, The Avenue can arrange for a coffee station for a cake you choose to supply. For the photographer, The Avenue is ideally set up for the maximum benefit of capturing your wedding in pictures.

Beyond the Consultant

As well as a knowledgeable consultant, The Avenue Banquet Hall has some very special bonuses that make life so much easier on your special day. As mentioned above, your wedding will be the only event that day. The chefs’ full attention and the staff’s full attention will be on you.

Your wedding will not be diminished by a bigger or noisier wedding in the same area. Your guests will not be bothered by partiers from another wedding. This day is all about you.

You can streamline your day by having the ceremony in the same location because there is a separate ceremony room available (and at no extra charge) if you want to have the ceremony there as well as the reception.

Speaking of separate rooms, these are separate rooms, not “rooms” created with dividing walls and partitions. There is also a private bride’s room with all the essential facilities. There is no extra charge for renting this room either. And there is no plug in fee.

The parking at the location is free and the building is handicap accessible. There are other special little touches such as the floor length linen and napkins, backdrop, and charger plates (at no charge) that make even a simple wedding completely beautiful and fulfilling.

It is a wise move for any couple to hire a wedding planner but when you book The Avenue Banquet Hall this comes as part of the package. Marla Kay is a professional event planner who offers everything you need. She can work with your wedding budget and simplify the planning process.


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