Wedding Planning Checklist

 A Banquet Halls Wedding Planning Checklist

Block Timeframe Description



 One Choose Wedding Date, City & Venue Location    
  Set-Up Wedding Binder, Calendar & Dividers    
  Written Budget & Number of Guests Expected    
  Chose Theme & Colors    
  Calendar Special Supporting Events:    
       Date of Engagement Party    
       Date of Wedding Shower    
       Date of Bachelor Party    
       Date of Bachelorette Party    
       Date of Rehearsal Dinner    
  Chose Your Wedding Party    
       Make a List of Names & Contact Information    
  Make Your Guest List    
  Book the Officiant    
  Book the Photographer / Videographer    
  Book the Musicians (Wedding Ceremony & Reception)    
  Engagement Party    
 Two Purchase Wedding Dress & Arrange Several Fittings    
       Purchase or Make Your Veil    
  Meet & Book Your Caterer    
  Reserve Block of Hotel Rooms for Out-of-Town Guests    
  Register at Department Store or Online Gift Service    
  Set Up a Wedding Website and/or Facebook Page    
  Order Printed Materials    
       Embossed Napkins, etc.    
       Order & Mail out “Save the Date” Postcards    
       Programs for the Ceremony    
  Meet with Officiant & Plan Ceremony    
  Plan for Electrical, Lighting, or Music Equipment    
  Reserve the Florist    
  Arrange for Limos, Vintage Automobiles, etc.    
  Plan Your Honeymoon    
       Verify Passports & Vaccinations Are Current    
       Plan Activities & Wardrobe    
Block Three Compose a Timeline of the Wedding Day    
  Purchase Bridesmaids Dresses    
  Supporting Activities: Rehearsal Dinner    
                                          Wedding Shower    
                                          Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties    
  Order Wedding Cake    
       Optional: Order Groom’s Cake    
  Meet with Musicians & Choose Music    
 Four Finalize Flowers & Menu with Caterer    
  Check on the Printing to Make Sure It Is Ready    
  Schedule Personal Beauty Appointments    
  Schedule of Toasts at Reception    
  Finalize Who Will Give the Readings at the Ceremony    
  Finalize Who Will Sing at the Ceremony    
  Send Schedule of Events to Officiant, Photographer,    
       Musicians, & Vendors    
  Enter Guest RSVPs into Your Database List    
Five Send Wedding Announcement & Photos to Media    
  Enjoy Your Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties    
  Get Your Marriage License    
  Assign Guest Seating for the Reception    
  Purchase Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Gifts    
 Six Final Instructions to Drivers, Wedding Party, etc.    
  Final Head Count to Caterer    
  Delegate Help to Get Dressed – Break in New Shoes    
       Something Borrowed – Something Blue    



Budget Line Item Who’s Paying Estimated Amount Actual Amount
Venue Rental Fee for Wedding Ceremony      
Venue Rental Fee for Reception      
Fees for Service of Officiant      
Cost of Photographer / Videographer      
Cost of Musicians (Wedding Ceremony)      
Cost of Musicians (Reception)      
Cost of Engagement Party      
Purchase Wedding Dress, Veil, & Shoes      
Cost of Caterer (How much per guest?)      
Cost of Hotel Rooms for Guests Paid by You      
Printed Materials: Invitations      
                                 “Save the Date” Postcards      
                                 Embossed Napkins, etc.      
                                 Ceremony Programs      
                                 Postage Stamps      
Lease of Electrical, Lighting, or Music Equipment      
Cost of Flowers for Wedding Ceremony      
Cost of Flowers for Reception      
Cost of Limos, etc., Transportation plus Tips      
Cost of Honeymoon      
     Passports, Vaccinations, etc.      
     Wardrobe, etc.      
Cost of Any Bridesmaids Dresses Paid by You      
Cost of Rehearsal Dinner      
Cost of Wedding Shower      
Cost of Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties      
Cost of Wedding Cake      
     Optional: Cost of Groom’s Cake      
Beauty Appointments: Hair Salon      
                                          Manicure & Pedicure      
Marriage License Fee      
Purchase Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Gifts      


Guests List

Name of Guests Mailing Address


Thank You

Food Preference

RSVP # Attending