Halal Wedding in Toronto

Toronto Halal wedding beefThe in-house catering team at The Avenue Banquet Hall understand and know the dietary requirements which must be followed to plan a halal wedding in Toronto. They know how to prepare foods with are allowable under Islamic law. All foods must be prepared in accordance with Sharia’s law. Animal must be slaughtered in a certain way and pork in any form is forbidden. Alcohol is also not allowed.

The catering industry in Toronto has countless caterers who claim to understand the Islamic rules required to prepare halal catering for weddings. How can you believe them and ensure that your guest’s religious beliefs are not violated? The Avenue is different from all other event venues because they provide you with certificate of authenticity from their suppliers to prove to you that all ingredients being used are 100% halal certified.

Your halal wedding experience will be different than any other halal wedding because our talented kitchen team can transform fine restaurant dining into a halal wedding feast. You service will be individually plated rather than the usual buffet style service. Provide us with your wish list menu choice and we will attempt to transform them into halal cuisine. We can create a menu that will satisfy your budget and your taste.

There are halal caterers, but not all of them can provide you with an all inclusive event venue. The Avenue is a single event venue. It can accommodate up to 350 people and has a separate smaller adjacent hall which can cater up to 100 people. There is a complimentary ceremony room which is offered to you at no charge. The Avenue provides you with white damask linen, napkins, head table backdrop, skirting of head table, skirting of cake table, charger plates, coat check, on site event coordinator at no charge.

The professional staff at The Avenue attempt to satisfy the catering needs of our cultural diverse city.

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