A Simple Guide To Planning a Wedding

The Avenue Banquet Hall is the ideal location to have your wedding reception and wedding ceremony in Toronto. You are getting married to the person of your dreams and you are feeling excited, happy, and full of love and commitment. … Read More

Wedding Venue in Vaughan

Vaughan is filled with many special and beautiful event venues. Banquet halls, hotels, restaurants and golf courses provide the perfect setting as a wedding reception venue. These are the important points to consider when choosing a location for your upcoming … Read More

Review from Yelp

Marla, Thank you for all your help in putting together our daughters wedding. The event went off without a hitch and I was inundated with compliments. The venue itself is just right sized with plenty of accessible free parking. The … Read More

Floral Decorations

Wedding Flowers Flowers have been used for weddings since time began, with the ancient Greeks forming them into crowns for the wedding party to wear on their heads, a supreme gift of nature to be heralded. Later bouquets of spices, … Read More

Vegan Food at The Avenue Banquet Hall

All banquet halls in Vaughan and Toronto must take into consideration the concept of  “vegan”. It has become a lifestyle choice for some people and adopted by others because of health reasons. Vegan guests must be accommodated. Vegan cooking Veganism … Read More

Philippine Debut-Cotillion

People from the Philippines celebrate a girls 18th birthday with a debut, also called a cotillion. The birthday girl is referred to as the debutante. At the event 18 roses are presented to the debutante. The first presentation is given … Read More

Persian Wedding Ceremony

Persian weddings are rich in cultural traditions. They are vibrant, elaborate and beautiful. The typical Iranian wedding consists of two parts. Part one is the Aghd which is the legal ceremony  in which the bride and groom exchange vows in … Read More


The henna has no religious significance. It is a traditional cultural custom practiced by Sepahardic Jews. It is suppose to symbolize prevention against the “evil eye”. It is suppose to give the bride wisdom, fertility and good fortune The henna … Read More

Cost Cutting Your Wedding Reception

Some of the ways to reduce the cost of your wedding reception are as follows: Book off Season Your wedding costs can be drastically reduced, if you can plan to have your wedding day during the months of January to Aprirl. … Read More

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