New Wedding Catering Recipes

Our wedding catering is always changing. We add new recipe menus and adjust old ones to meet modern standards. We listen to what our clients want and prepare a food menu to satisfy their needs. Our in house catering team … Read More

New Wedding Food Trends

  If you’re a couple looking for a way to make your wedding anything but traditional, here are four fun new food trends that will surprise (and delight) your guests! Food Trucks Food trucks are having a moment. And why … Read More

Food Services at Weddings: What’s Best For You?

Of all of the things your guests look forward to the most, besides watching you get married of course, one of the most anticipated is the food. Food brings people together, denotes a celebration, and delights the senses. But planning … Read More

Food Trends

Food trends come and go. What is hot one year is obsolete the next. The 2017 food trends are: Jackfruit—This is the national fruit of Bangladesh. Because of its meaty texture, it is becoming a substitute for beef. Great option … Read More

Oyster Rockefeller

An oyster station is a wonderful idea for cocktails before a wedding reception. The interaction between the chef attending the station and the guests is lively and fun to watch. Oyster Rockefeller is more appealing to some people because it … Read More

Wedding Venue Inspired Menus

Some of our past wedding venue menus we prepared for our clients. Menu 1 Appetizer consisted of: Butternut squash and micro seedling green salad with raspberry champagne vinaigrette The main course was a choice of three entrees. Beef tenderloin seared … Read More

Alternative to Traditional Wedding Cakes

More than 90 percent of all weddings have cake. It has become a ritual at every wedding regardless of culture or religion. Why not add sweetness to your big day with a candy station? Project weddings states that “Candy bars, … Read More

Smoothie Recipes for Wedding Venues

Great Smoothie Recipes from the book Levana Cooks Dairy Free Berry Smoothies Makes 5 cups 1 cup cranberry or pomegranate juice 1 cup silken tofu, soy or other dairy-free milk (rice, grain, oat, almond) 2 cups frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, … Read More

Wedding Food by Wedding Venue in Toronto

New wedding  food creations from our in house catering team. This is a list of some of the food cuisines which our chefs are experimenting  with in our kitchen. We are alway seeking new food recipes to present our clients. … Read More

Wedding Venue Offers Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings are becoming very popular as savory dishes as an ending to  wedding parties. They are no longer considered super bowl foods or pub-tavern foods. Chicken wings come in different flavors and tastes. List of Chicken Wing Types by … Read More

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