Christmas and Holiday Party Games

This week is Christmas and that means it is high season for holiday and Christmas parties, whether with your office or with your family. We can all eat, drink and be merry but what else is there to do after … Read More

Our Latke Recipe for Hannukah

This week is Hannukah! Hannukah is a Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple and celebrated for eight days. It is a holiday that is celebrated by lighting an nine branch candelabra called a menorah or a Hanukkiah. … Read More

Halloween Wedding and Party Ideas

  Happy #WeddingWednesday! Halloween is around the corner and while we may be too old to dress up, we’re never too old to participate in the festivities. So many couples and groups have requested and booked the Saturday Halloween for … Read More

Tips For Hiring Your DJ

  The right DJ can make all the difference between a wedding where the guests are tearing up the dance floor, or where they are standing at the corner and giving each other awkward glances that say ‘Who’s idea was … Read More

Signature Wedding Drinks

Signature wedding drinks are one of the best ways to personalize a wedding menu, especially for those who are thinking of throwing a destination wedding ceremony. To help you decide the best signature wedding drinks to try, we have asked … Read More

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