Multicultural Toronto Wedding Venue

Toronto wedding venue services multicultural wedding catering menu. Vaughan banquet halls vary in size, location, ambiance, service offered and the quality of food. The Avenue has maintained its reputation for quality food and superb service for over a decade. Over … Read More

Multicultural Wedding Venues in Vaughan

Wedding venues in Vaughan have traditional pre-set wedding food packages and find it impossible to provide two different foods at the same time. All the food packages are pre-designed to meet set profit margin. The Avenue is different because it … Read More

Salads At Event Venues

The Avenue is one of the premier banquet halls in Vaughan. Our on-site catering team is always creating and implementing new catering food options. We would like to share some of latest salad creations. Watermelon and feta cheese salad served … Read More

Banquet Halls in Vaughan

There are many banquet halls in Vaughan to choose from. The Avenue Banquet Hall distinguishes itself from the rest with quality food and service. There is always a reason as to why price vary between event venues. Keep in mind … Read More

Banquet Halls in Vaughan Offer Small Plate Food Menu

Banquet halls in Vaughan have changed event catering options being offered. The Avenue Banquet Hall has introduced the small plate food station menu. Traditional full plated meals are prepared and presented on a smaller scale. Small Plate Food Station Menu … Read More

Wedding Venue in Toronto Offers Privacy

  Three criteria for an ideal wedding venue are food, service and privacy. The Avenue Banquet Hall satisfies all these essential qualities for a memorable wedding. The Avenue Banquet Hall is a single event wedding venue in Toronto. It only … Read More

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering in the last few years has changed. Many of our young brides are requesting vegan food options. They want to provide their guests with glimpse of their lifestyle choices. They want to show them that there are alternative … Read More

Cocktail Hors D’oeuvres

The classic grilled cheese sandwich is reinvented. Grilled cheese sandwiches are basic comfort foods introduced by every one’s mother during their childhood. It is a food which brings warmth a sense of completeness to one’s day. It is a form … Read More

Toronto Weddings at Affordable Prices

Where can you find Toronto weddings at affordable prices? Is it possible to have a luxurious wedding without luxurious prices? Are there any Toronto venues which do not impose added costs to your basic wedding package? The Avenue Banquet Hall … Read More

Halal Wedding in Toronto

The in-house catering team at The Avenue Banquet Hall understand and know the dietary requirements which must be followed to plan a halal wedding in Toronto. They know how to prepare foods with are allowable under Islamic law. All foods … Read More

Wedding Venue Catering

The Avenue Banquet Hall can offer wedding venue catering for all cultures because of the in house international catering team. We have a diverse group of chefs who have been trained in various parts of the world. Each one brings … Read More

Kosher Catering Russian Style

Kosher catering Russian style for forty guests in the Boulevard Room. The Boulevard Room was constructed to accommodate small events in Toronto, The room is perfect for a party with fifty to one hundred guests. As guests entered the room, … Read More

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