Persian Wedding Ceremony

Persian weddings are rich in cultural traditions. They are vibrant, elaborate and beautiful. The typical Iranian wedding consists of two parts. Part one is the Aghd which is the legal ceremony  in which the bride and groom exchange vows in … Read More


The henna has no religious significance. It is a traditional cultural custom practiced by Sepahardic Jews. It is suppose to symbolize prevention against the “evil eye”. It is suppose to give the bride wisdom, fertility and good fortune The henna … Read More

Cost Cutting Your Wedding Reception

Some of the ways to reduce the cost of your wedding reception are as follows: Book off Season Your wedding costs can be drastically reduced, if you can plan to have your wedding day during the months of January to Aprirl. … Read More

Two Different Jewish Cultures Unite at a Wedding Celebration

A wedding between two different Jewish cultures took  place at The Avenue Banquet Hall.     An Ashkenazi Jew married a Sephardic Jew. The event was glatt kosher. The food was prepared     by the exclusive in house kosher caterer,  Zeese, in an onsite … Read More

Portuguese Wedding Reception

A Portuguese wedding celebration took place at The Avenue. Over 300 people attended. The traditional menu included caldo verde soup and a seafood platter on the sweet table. The seafood platter included shrimps, Dungeness crabs, mussels, calamari, baby lobsters, cod … Read More

Welcome to The Avenue Banquet Hall

The Avenue Banquet Hall can accommodate between 50 and 400 guests. The hall is structured to host a wide range of events. The exquisite interior has high ceilings, a large majestic foyer surrounding a stylish full length bar, indoor waterfall, … Read More

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