Two great martini recipes from Taste of Home Special Edition.   Pomegranate Martini Ice cubes 2 ounces pomegranate juice 1 ounce vodka ½ ounce triple sec ½ ounce club soda ½ teaspoon lemon juice Fill a shaker three fourths full … Read More

Traditional Passover Recipes

Potato Kugel Ingredients: 6 potatoes, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup matzo meal, 1/2 tsp. potato starch, 11/2 tsp. salt and pepper,1 grated onion. Method of cooking:  Grate potatoes into cold water and drain. Beat eggs until thick. Into a large bowl mix … Read More


Perogies are pockets of dough, filled with a variety of ingredients.Traditional perogies are stuffed with: potato, cheese, meat, sauerkraut and fruit fillings. Each country and culture prepares perogies according to thier tradition and refers to them with different names. North … Read More


Quinoa is the new kid of super foods. It is has  nutritional value because of its high proein and fibre content.In addition to tasting good, it is gluten-free, wheat-free, and nutrient-packed. The majority supply of quinoa comes from Peru and … Read More


Couscous is a North African dish. It is made from semolina which is durham wheat.It is usually prepared steamed. Every culture has its own unique way of preparing couscous. It is an alternative to rice, poatoes and pasta as a … Read More

Jewish Wedding Terms

Traditional Terms Chattunah–wedding Chattan–groom Kallah–bride

Ask These Questions When Enquiring About Faciliities

What is your capacity? What is your off season and do you offer discounts at these times? Is there a price difference between hosting an event on a Saturday or Sunday?

Wedding Guide

The Perfect Wedding Guide has a very helpful wedding to do list at:

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in Toronto and Vaughan

The celebration following a bar or bat mitzvah depends on the personality of the child and the parent’s budget. What can you afford to spend on the event before going to the bank? You do not have to outdo the … Read More

Chinese and Asian Weddings

Chinese and Asian wedding ceremonies are rich in tradition. Choosing a favourable date, and drawing on the traditions of the Three Letters, and the Six Etiquette are important to many families and are just some of the ceremonial customs passed down. … Read More

Mixed Culture Wedding Reception

Inderjit and Krystal had thier wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the Avenue. It was a blending of two different cultures. The food was a mixture of East Indian and Western foods

Antipasto is an Italian Tradition

Antipasto is an Italian food tradition. It means food before the main meal. The antipasto consists of small bites of meats, cheeses, vegetables and breads. It can be served on trays, platters, individual small plates or presented on a large … Read More

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