Wedding Venue Catering

Sushi Boat for Wedding Cocktail Hour in TorontoThe Avenue Banquet Hall can offer wedding venue catering for all cultures because of the in house international catering team. We have a diverse group of chefs who have been trained in various parts of the world. Each one brings their knowledge and expertise to the kitchen. Our catering team is a cohesive group of individuals who have worked together for over a decade. Our turn over is minimal.

We have done Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Middle Eastern, Russian, Caribbean, Kosher, Halal, Asian, East Indian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Persian, Serbian, Western Style weddings. Our catering team was able to design food menus for each culture. Our mission is to create foods which satisfy the taste of each culture. We provide traditional cultural food, but at the same time infuse new techniques.

The Avenue is an unique venue because it only does one party per night. It has a separate ceremony room for your wedding ceremony. The on site kitchen means that all inclusive food packages are available for your event. An on site kitchen saves you money because you do not have to deal separately with the event venue and the caterer. The Avenue can accommodate events up to 350 people. In January 2014, the boulevardroom was built. The purpose of the boulevard is to accommodate parties of up to one hundred people. This small event venue is adjacent to the Avenue, but is not connected to it. It has its own separate entrance.

The Avenue is a one stop shop event venue.

Our chefs recently attended a catering conference in Las Vegas and were inspired by the following menus: Idaho potato and French onion soup, Shawarma tots, shepherds pie tart, bacon bomb sandwich, hasselback potato, jams smoked salmon with Idaho potatoes. Our chefs are constantly updating their cooking skills with modern new techniques. Our menus are constantly changing.

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