Wedding Venue in Toronto Offers Privacy


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Bride and groom are holding champagne glasses

Three criteria for an ideal wedding venue are food, service and privacy.

The Avenue Banquet Hall satisfies all these essential qualities for a memorable wedding.

The Avenue Banquet Hall is a single event wedding venue in Toronto. It only hosts one wedding per night. This provides intimacy and privacy to you, to your guests and your family.

The in house catering team have been preparing culinary wedding delights for over a decade. A talented group of five international chefs can create foods from various parts of the world. They are able to duplicate the essence of traditional cultural dishes to perfection. The Avenue does not employ free lance chefs. The same team that prepared your tasting will execute your wedding. There are no surprises.

Our professional staff have been working together as a team for over a decade. They cater to the needs of every guest to make sure that all their needs are fulfilled and are kept happy throughout the event.

Some tapas dishes which our in house catering team have created for our interactive tapas food station:
• Empanadas made with spinach and ham, shrimp and scallops, chorizo and olives, assorted Mediterranean fishes.
• Calamares a la romano (deep fried squid rings)
• Pescado Frito (battered fried fish)
• Croquettes made with beef, chicken, lamb or fish.
• Seafood combos consisting of shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, octopus, crabs, lobster and squid.
• Escabeche (marinated mussels)
• Spicy marinated sardines.
• Spanish seasoned meatballs.
• Lamb and beef brochettes.
• Frittatas made with zucchini, mushrooms, shrimp, potato, spinach.
• Pimentos rellenos (stuffed bell peppers)
• Patatas Bravas (spicy roasted potatoes)
• Spicy stuffed eggplants.

The staff at the Avenue are constantly evolving to meet new challenges in the hospitality industry. They travel the world and attend catering and hospitality educational seminars. The industry is constantly changing and the expectations and demands of the consumer are also changing. Our staff strives to meet the new challenges.