Wedding Registries in Toronto


Registering for your wedding can be challenging and stressful. You might have out of towners who don’t have accessibility to the boutique shops and you might not want to go finicially overboard. Bride and grooms are always asking us where to register, as they get ready for their big day. We always say: people are going to buy you a gift, so you might as well make it something you need and want.

Some of the best advice we can give is to choose a shop that an e-store and register at more than one place. That way, you don’t put your all you eggs in one basket and your guests can have little bit more leeway in their choice.

Some of our favourites include:

The Bay

The Bay has a ton of selection! It also has a national presence and huge online store so those traveling to Toronto can have easier access to your registry. You can literally get lost in the department store it’s so big.

Home Outfitters

This is another department store and we love it because of its organized setup. Every item is arranged by category and use, so you don’t have to go searching throughout the whole store for which type of blender you want. It also has a fabulous e-store.

William Ashley

If you didn’t inherit any fine china from a relative, this is the place to go. They have stunning china patterns for any occasion and are known for their superior registry.


Known as the Super Houseware Store, this registry is one of our favourites because of its affordability. They carry brand name appliances at sale prices. They also have an online store as well!

Upon Our Star

You might already have a house full of things. What do you do then? Upon our Star is a new wedding registry for meaningful wishes, not stuff! A Wish Registry allows your guests to give monetary values towards wishes like your dream home or your future child’s education fund.










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