Wedding Reception Food Ideas

So you’ve done the wedding circuit and have eaten the same plated food over and over again. Had enough?

Well we’ve got the answer for that.

What about reception stations at your wedding? This gives guests the perfect opportunity to get up out of their seats and mingle with the crowd over steaming entrees that lay before them.

At the Avenue we’ve created different stations that are placed around the room, so that your guests can walk around and get a taste of worldwide cuisine. This style of dining can satisfy those picky eaters or those who want to experience and sample from each. We’ve created over twelve stations sure to tickle your taste buds just from reading about them. Some of our favourites are described in the following list:SONY DSC

At our Beef Carvery Station, a live chef is carving hot pickled pastrami and Montreal smoked meat. These are then served with an assortment of rye breads, mustards and dill pickles. You can even fill your plate with classic cole slaw and homemade potato salad. Delish!


Our Greek Station provides that classic Greek salad and herb marinated charcoal grilled chicken and beef shish kebobs. Top that off with Greek style potatoes, basmati rice and tzatziki sauce. YUM!


Our Sushi Boat features an authentic assortment of maki rolls, sushi and sashimi all presented on a life size sushi boat.

Our Whole Food Station pleases those with a lighter and healthier appetite. It features an incredible quinoa salad with cranberry, sweet potato and almond or an edamame citrus salad with orange and grapefruit. There’s also soy-lemon glazed tofu, miso glazed salmon and mini veggie skewers. Sure to be a hit!SONY DSC

Be sure to check out The Avenue Reception Station Menu to get a detailed description of them all.

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