Wedding Catering Solutions for Your Special Day

Wedding Catering in TorontoOur mission is to meet the wedding catering needs of our multicultural and diversified Toronto communities.

Each wedding is different and there is no cookie cut approach to fit each one. The professional staff at The Avenue Banquet Hall listen to the needs of each potential client. We provide catering solutions to service the needs of each couple. We are dedicated to excellence in food quality, preparation and presentation. Our international catering team can prepare and serve food delicacies from all over the world.

We have designed many inter faith and mixed culture weddings. We combine the essence of each culture into one food menu. The heritage of the bride and the groom is represented in the food choices we prepare and serve. Food elements of each culture is prepared and served. Some of our weddings have included Asian and Portuguese cultures, East and Russian cultures, Caribbean and Italian cultures, Philippine and Jewish cultures, East Indian and Caribbean cultures, Italian and Portuguese cultures, Asian and Western culture and the list goes on.

Our catering team consists of international chefs who have been trained in various parts of the world. They bring with them a wealth of culinary expertise.

We respect the religious requirements of our couples when it comes to food preparation. If a couple requires halal food, we present them with a certificate of authenticity for halal meat. If a couple requires kosher food, we present them with a certificate authenticity for kosher food.

We know that catering is a major contributor to a successful event. We work closely with the bride and groom to create an menu that is perfect for their event and that will exceed their expectations.

We offer customized banquet and catering solutions for all weddings.

We are an unique because we are a single event wedding venue and only do one party per night. All our attention is focused on you.

We insure that your wedding will be a memorable event.

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