Ways to Surprise your Guests

Tired of the same routine at every wedding? Try changing things up and surprising your guests with some of the following we’ve seen at our banquet hall.

Dance Lessons

May not be twinkle toes on your feet? Try taking a dance lesson or two. This is a sure fire way to have your friends and family do a double take as you take your first dance. Can you imagine the look on your guests’ faces as you merengue your way across the dance floor? There are many studios across Toronto that offer couple style dance classes and wedding packages.

Here are links to a few of them:


Organize a Flash Mob

If couple dancing is not your cup of tea, why not organize a group dance with the bridal party? A flash mob is when a group of people assemble suddenly in a public place and perform. Get a group together to dance to Single Ladies right before the bouquet toss!


Sing Us a Song

Organize a musical Broadway style number. Just like the flash mob, members of the family or wedding party work together to create a live performance to entertain the entire room.

This group organized a flash mob during someone’s speech! Check it out:

Tribute Video

How about creating a video montage with your childhood pictures and memories? The tribute video can act like an interactive and digital scrapbook for all your guests to sit back and enjoy during dinner. These can be easily created on programs such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. Just select pictures from your childhood, of friends and family, pick a couple of catchy songs and voila!

Kids Station

Children at a wedding can be tricky at times! Why not keep the younger ones entertained too so that parents can enjoy some time on the dance floor. Set up a small table filled with games and colouring pages to keep your younger guests smiling.


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