Party Banquet Hall in Vaughan

Christmas Party Canopies from Toronto Event VenueChristmas is approaching and it’s time to select a party banquet hall in Vaughan.

You have been delegated the task of planning your company Christmas party. Panic sets in because last years Christmas party was a total disaster. Everyone is expecting you to perform miracles.

Don’t panic.

The Avenue Catering Company has created the following checklist for you to consider:

1. What is your budget? The amount of money you can spend will determine the type of Christmas party you can have. You need to know the resources which are available to you.
2. Select a Date. Offer several date options to your employees. Most Christmas parties are held in the second and third week of December. Some companies hold their parties in the first week of January for budgetary reasons. Event venues offer tremendous promotional discounts during that time.
3. Determine the type of Christmas party you want to host. Are you going to plan a lunch during the day? Are you planning an evening affair? Will family members be invited? Will the party be off site at an event venue or will it be at your place of business?
4. You need to find a venue. The holiday season is a busy time for event venues. You are competing with other companies and social events for space. The earlier you book a venue, the better your chances for securing a facility to host your party. Most companies begin their search in August. Arrange for a site visit with the venue to discuss your needs. Make sure the venue has in house catering. Insist that everything that you discuss becomes party of your contract. Do not be shy with your negations.
5. You must decide on alcohol consumption. Are you going to have a cash bar, host bar, predetermined paid drink tickets or no bar? Remember that the availability of excessive free alcohol may lead to regrettable employee behavior.
6. Are you going to have a DJ, musician or just a laptop with music?
7. Don’t forget the “thank you” speech.

The Avenue Banquet Hall makes it easy for you. We can present you with a wide variety of Christmas options that will suit your budget and your taste. We have been planning company Christmas parties for over a decade.

The Avenue Banquet Hall is a one stop shop for your Christmas needs. We are a single event venue.

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