Our Favourite Late Night Foods for your Wedding

Sweets are always a good idea after your big meal, but after a night of partying and celebratory drinking, your guests might want to indulge in something on the savory side. While a sweet table is a great addition to any dessert time, we have always had guests at weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs at our Toronto banquet hall ask when the salty treats were coming out. In this week’s wedding blog post we share our favourite late night foods and treats for the times when your guests need a little something extra.


French Fries and Poutine

Everyone loves fries. The cutest thing you can do when late night hunger strikes is bring out French fries in mini take out boxes. We love setting these up on a table on top of a warmer. That way guests can come and choose what they want. Don’t forget the ketchup!

Why not go one step further and add gravy and cheese curds? Poutine is always a crowd favourite. Setting up a make your own poutine bar lets guests customize what they want and how they want it!

Jamaican Patties Wedding Food Late night

Jamaican Patties Station

These bad boys have always been eaten super fast whenever we bring them out. They are the perfect button to your guests’ late night food cravings. Not too filling and absolutely delicious.

Barbecue BBQ Wedding food station

BBQ Station

A barbeque station will always go a long way. Decorate your tables with red checkered table cloths and bring in a table top grill. Hot dogs and hamburgers will always be eaten, the added bonus is that they are grilled right in front of you! Make sure to include all the necessary condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish and mayo!

Ever think about bringing in foods from other well known restaurants? Some of our favourite late night food memories are when we bring in popular eats from outside. We have had so many brides and grooms bring in some of their favourite late night eats, which also gives a little personal touch to their evening.


McDonalds will take large orders, but in advance. We have had parties bring in over one hundred chicken nuggets and Big Macs. The key is to have them delivered and the kitchen will keep them in the warmer, so that they stay fresh.

photo by toronto.com


 We recently had a groom who’s favourite go to sandwich was from Stockyards. His go to is the pulled pork. They were able to pick up a ton of pulled pork, buns and toppings and our chefs put them together for each order!

wedding food desserts

Ice Cream Truck

While this is definitely considered a late night dessert, guests love the novelty of going outside to grab their favourite ice cream from an ice cream truck. These are super easy to book and order for your evening. Some trucks even do waffles and ice cream or funnel cakes, which is a smart idea for the colder weather!

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