Our Favourite Fall Wedding Desserts


Today is Foodie Friday #foodiefriday and we are sharing some of our favourite fall desserts that are perfect for any fall wedding, event or home meal. Here at our Toronto banquet hall, dessert comes in many shapes and sizes- whether served on the plate or from a sweet table. Fall desserts reflect what is currently in season and used as the main ingredients. These fall desserts are really trending right now as they are being requested and served at our Toronto weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and corporate events.


Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving, like a pumpkin pie! In our fall weddings we are serving tons of pies with you betcha a side of ice cream. Who doesn’t love a warm piece of apple pie and cold vanilla ice cream? Simple pies can be beautiful desserts and truly reflect the essence of fall. Try flavours like cherry, rhubarb, or strawberry to bring a reminder of summer into your desserts.

Smores Dip

Smores Dip has been taking the Internet by viral storm! You can check out the Buzzfeed how to video here to make your own personal smores dip at home! A cute idea for a table wedding dessert is to have the dip served family style with graham cracker to dip into it. This warm, ooey gooey treat will have everyone reminiscing about bonfires.

Poached Pear

A poached pear can be created with any flavour or spice combination but our favourite is with spiced red wine. Paring it cinnamon or chocolate would a delicious addition. A poached pear also goes very nicely with a salad as well!

Baked Custard

Baked cream either in the oven or blow torched spread that warm fall feeling with every bite. Baked custard can be seasoned with all spice or nutmeg, giving that dessert a savory taste. They are classic and homey, making them the perfect treat. You can serve them individually or have them displayed on a tiered serving tray at the sweet table.

Apple Galette

A galette is a rustic French tart, which is also called a pie without a plate. This oversized tart lets you see what is in the inside of each baked treat. There is no fancy lacing or trimming like the traditional pie. Baked cinnamon apples make the perfect filling for a fall wedding dessert!


There is something about fudge that screams fall comfort food. This can easily be served as squares on a plate as part of a trio of desserts or at the sweet table individually. A great idea is to make a fudge station and have a staff member cutting off slabs for your guests!

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