New Year’s Eve Party Tips


New Year’s Eve is only a day away and you definitely don’t want to drop the ball on your celebrations. With all our efforts focused on the holidays, New Years always tends to surprise us. Why not try throwing an intimate and chic at home party to ring in the New Year.

Here is a list of our must haves to make any at home party a memorable one.


Create the ideal ambiance for your New Year’s shaker. Take into account the size of your space and the tempo of your evening. The appearance of your party will be the first thing to shape the mood of your guests.


Provisions that range beyond cheese and crackers are a must. Stick to small bites and easy to eat edibles so guests can continue drinking the night away. For simple recipes check out Country Living’s hors d’oeuvres.


Any party needs music to fill up the space and add necessary background noise. Song choice will always be the hardest part to planning any party. Websites like Songza or 8-Tracks solve this problem by creating prearranged playlists that suite any mood.


Champagne, champagne, champagne. A staple to any New Year’s celebration is popping a bottle of champagne at midnight. Try Prosecco as a refreshing alternative to champagne. The sweet bubbly Italian wine can be more affordable and just as delicious as the French stuff.

Party Favours

Leave noisemakers, party poppers, and New Year’s paraphernalia all over the house for guests to pick up and wear. For easy do-it-yourself favours, check out Mashables’ DIY party crafts. Also make sure guests leave with parting gifts of good fortune. A cute idea is packing up black-eyed peas, which bring good luck, in a box or cellophane bag and a recipe.