Kosher Banquet Halls: The Home of Real Kosher Events

Planning a kosher event is not easy! The meals need to be kosher certified and you also need to find yourself a venue that is approved. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, because we have exquisite kosher banquet halls.

Kosher events are meticulously organized, and this is because everything needs to be in line with kosher standards. These include the products served, the preparation of meals and the equipment used as well. In other words, nothing can be compromised.

Kosher Banquet Hall Basics

If you are looking for a kosher banquet hall, you need the best.

Below are some of the main features that are provided with our kosher banquet halls:

  • Free parking
  • Exclusivity
  • Open ended halls
  • Mouthwatering kosher catering
  • Free separate room

The banquet halls will surely provide for a memorable event. For starters, you will be glad to know that there are no partitions: this means that movement is not restricted and guests are to mingle. We also offer exclusivity giving you a private and intimate event with your family and loved ones.

If you need a separate room this will be provided to you at no cost and what’s even better is that parking is free as well. Kosher meals are prepared to perfection and there are no charges for the napkins, linen, charger plates or backdrop provided.

Kosher Glatt Menus

Our banquet halls have a wide range of menus that will and you can select which is most suitable for your event.

Some of the menus you can delight in are:

  • Traditional kosher
  • Mixed grill
  • Mediterranean
  • European
  • Classic
  • Basic
  • Buffet reception

Our kosher banquet halls will provide any of these menus and each has something wonderful to offer. A good example is the basic glatt kosher menu which comes with appetizers, entrées, and deserts.

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