How to Plan for a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are a popular choice for many brides that come to our Toronto banquet hall. The weather however can be a challenging battle to deal with at times. In the summer months, you need to be prepared for the humidity and the real chance of rain. In this wedding blog, we will give you the necessary preparation and tips in order to overcome any possible weather mishaps and plan for a summer wedding. Trust us, we’ve seen it all.

Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

Rain is a sign of good luck on a wedding day-so it’s not all bad! Rain can also be a stunning backdrop for pictures. A wedding dress with an umbrella and rain boots proves to create very cute pictures.



In the chance of rain with an outdoor wedding ceremony you need to have a backup plan! Make sure you coordinate with your wedding planner or banquet manager to have a weather proofed ceremony. Many people will rent a tent as a solution for rainy ceremonies. Many outdoor venues will have tents or there are many companies throughout Toronto. Tents are just as beautiful and airy as the outdoors.



Your guests will be traveling from their car to the hall or have a need to go outside. Make sure there are ample umbrellas available for them to use! Place them in strategic spots near the doors so that guests can easily access them. If you want to go an extra step further, you can brand your umbrellas with your names and the wedding date.


Outdoor wedding ceremonies in the sunshine can be very difficult for guests to sit through. Having your guests endure the humidity and hot temperature during your wedding vows can create not such an enjoyable experience.

Here’s some our solutions:



Lace or paper parasols are a great solution for guests to shield themselves from the beating sun. There are many cheap places to buy them in bulk in Toronto or to order online. They also create a very stunning visual for pictures as your wedding party walks down the aisle. 



A really charming and useful wedding favour is branded sunglasses. We’ve seen bride and grooms put their names and wedding date along the side of the sunglasses or add a witty sign like the one above. Guests are free to take a pair to wear outside during the ceremony and reception as the perfect sun blocker.



What better way to quench your guests’ thirst than with lemonade? This icy cold beverage is perfectly themed for summer and will definitely help guests enjoy the ceremony. A wonderful idea is oversized mason jar jugs as a “serve yourself “ method. Pair that with stripped straws and you have a real life Pinterest wedding.


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