Hot Trends for Fall 2015 Weddings

The summer is sadly over and it is time to embrace the chilly winds. Fall is the best time of year to reflect the changing seasons into your wedding décor, food and drinks. Fall Toronto weddings are some of our favourite as they provide the perfect backdrop for your pictures and reception. In this wedding blog, we share what our Toronto brides and weddings have been planning and bringing into our Toronto and Vaughan banquet hall for their fall weddings.



Metallic colours capture the essence of the cold weather with polished flair. Colours like yellow gold, rose gold or bronze are perfect for any flat wear and plate chargers. They liven the table décor in an effortlessly elegant way. Another way to capture this colour scheme is with rose gold or bronze Chiavari chairs. Chiavari chairs are easily rentable and can transform the gloomy weather outside into a perfect warm and wonderful setting inside. You can rent from places like, Chiavari Rental Canada  or Chair Boutique.

15668298482_e2af05a10e_zPumpkins                                Photo by Personal Creations

October is notorious for two holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. What better way to bring out those loveable celebrations at your own wedding than with a fall staple: pumpkins! Incorporating pumpkins into your fall wedding is easy. They make the perfect soup, dessert or side dish for your menu. They are also super cute as part of your centerpiece. You can even scatter them throughout your venue to give your wedding that fall feeling.


Coffee Truck

The sun is setting earlier and our days are getting shorter. That means people get very tired very quickly and who wants to be tired at your wedding?! What better way to wake people up than with coffee? The Brewing Bean is a new coffee food truck that will travel to any function, wedding or gala and hand out coffee, lattes and coffee related treats! What a perfect way to welcome your guests in from the cold and into the banquet hall or better yet after dessert. The combination of the fresh air and the coffee will surely give them energy for the rest of the night!


Clean Cakes, Humble Cake Toppers and Pies

With the lavish décor of summer long gone, it’s time to simplify. Fall weddings are about simplicity and nature. We’ve been seeing lots of cakes that are not overly decorative and adorn simple yet humble cake toppers. There has also been a huge movement and request for pies. Yes Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away, but there have been many pies on the sweet table and guests have been loving them!

9660170584_4b164d040e_o-2Calligraphy Invitations and Signs

 Calligraphy invitations, place cards and signage around your wedding are sure ways to capture the whimsical nature of fall. There is just something about calligraphy that reminds us of the gusty winds outside.

Whatever the weather, our blog has it all. Don’t forget to check our weekly wedding blog for more tips, secrets of the trade and wedding inspiration.

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