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Halloween is around the corner and while we may be too old to dress up, we’re never too old to participate in the festivities. So many couples and groups have requested and booked the Saturday Halloween for their engagement parties, weddings and corporate office parties. How do you make an adult Halloween themed event without making it look too tacky or cheesy? How do we adultify Halloween? In this week’s wedding blog we share our tricks and treats for making your Halloween themed wedding, office party or event one to be remembered!

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Themed Weddings

If you are going to have your guests dress up, why not make your wedding one specific theme? That way, you can still go with sophistication, beauty and style, all under one thematic umbrella. This will avoid the odd and inappropriate costumes from sticking out. Our personal favourite has always been a Great Gatsby theme, with guests suiting up in their best flapper dresses, pearls and feathered headpieces. You can go totally vintage for the décor and food to make it the most glamorous evening. Your décor and cake should also sport some sort of Art Deco detailing and pair it with black and white desserts. Don’t forget to add pearls and sequins where you can. This can be easily done through tablecloths or centerpieces! You should also make sure to have a champagne tower as one of the focal pieces in your room layout.


Halloween Décor

If you are hosting an office or engagement party that is specifically Halloween themed, try to incorporate the key elements of the holiday in a sophisticated way. Pick a colour palate for your décor, some suggestions could include all black and white or gold and black. Pumpkins are a staple to Halloween. Instead of carving them, try painting them to your colour scheme. Gold, silver and black pumpkins add that adult edge to your décor. Glitter and jewelling can also go a long way. Try sequins for a tablecloth or covering a pumpkin in tons of glitter! Candles are also a great way to add that ominous eerie atmosphere to your party. Make sure to have dim lighting for the ultimate effect!



Food can always be a tricky thing to plan for Halloween themed events. The one food item that is an absolute must is candy! A candy buffet table is a great way to remind everyone of their love of candy. Take home boxes would also be a cute addition for families wanting to take home sweets for their children at home! Your food could also follow your colour scheme, i.e., black and white hors devours. At traditional Halloween parties, the food always employs some sort of scare tactic, which is a great way to keep with the holiday!

Whatever the holiday, our blog has it all. Don’t forget to check our weekly wedding blog for more tips, secrets of the trade and wedding inspiration.

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