Halloween at Banquet Halls in Vaughan

Halloween wedding venue
illustration of ghosts

Halloween is a special time for banquet halls in Vaughan.

Traditional wedding themes can be transformed into creative fun ideas
If you are planning a Halloween wedding reception, there are so many creative ways to tie Halloween wedding ideas into your wedding day planning. You do not have to have a full-blown Halloween theme but just incorporate some elements of the holiday into your wedding day.

A very effective idea is to request a signature Halloween drink for your pre-reception. Some of the most popular Halloween cocktails are:
Blood orange sangria
The poisoned apple
Black magic jello shots
Halloween pumpkin punch
Vampire cocktail
Bloody Mary
Bloody Caesar
Poisoned apple cocktail
Vampire floats
Raspberry peach margarita
Bloody orange cocktail
Black devil martini
Vampire kiss
The red queen

The bartenders of The Avenue Banquet Hall have attempted to make all these drinks. The favorite Halloween cocktail was The Red Queen. The ingredients are cranberry juice, gin, liqueur, lemon and cranberries.

A Halloween cocktail is just one element of the holiday that can be incorporated into your wedding day.

You do not want your Halloween wedding to look tacky. Do not use plastics with orange. Think of a more elegant decor and use gold, white, black and red as your guide to fabric colors.

When it comes time to choose your invitations and stationery, consider sending spooky wedding invitations with skeletons, ghosts and haunted houses.

Instead of traditional tux, suits, dresses, have your guests dress up in costumes.

Be creative and do not be afraid.

The Avenue Banquet Hall can create Halloween fun wedding menus. The in-house catering team will listen to your requests and design a menu to suit your taste and your budget. All requests are considered. The chefs consider all dietary restrictions of your guests. Meals are prepared for them separately.

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