Christmas Parties at The Avenue

In recent years, with more conservative corporate and small-business budgets, the company holiday party has replaced bonuses – sometimes to the consternation of employees. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time and really show employees how much you appreciate their can-do attitude and dedication over the years, especially through the lean ones.

Here are a few suggestions from all of us at Avenue Banquet Hall for pulling off a great holiday party this year:

First and foremost, have a party that shows the company is prospering without being overly-lavish. If your party says, “We have plenty of money” then you might end up with employees grumbling about why they didn’t have a less expensive party and get bonuses instead. This is an uncomfortable conversation to have and even more uncomfortable for other employees to hear about at the office. With a reasonably priced venue, like ours, you will have the flexibility to put your money toward a great many perks that show your employees that you really value them. It prevents the management for having to ask employees to pay for their party. It’s a celebration of them, budget accordingly.

Secondly, it’s a party. Parties are for fun, for relaxing and for turning off the ringer on the switchboard and giving everyone a chance to have a good time. Don’t schedule your party when some people will have to stay at work to pick up the slack. If everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to be there and feel included, you will end up with a some Grinch-y workers come Monday morning. Proper scheduling can prevent this and with centrally located facilities and free-parking Avenue Banquet Hall can accommodate a party any time throughout the day or night. Give employees a day off or a great end to a potentially stressful workday. Also, never punish employees for not attending. Often those less geared for social events will appreciate the alone-time just as much as those in your company that are more gregarious. If your party is mandatory in any way, think about having it during work-hours.

As a side not – never hold your holiday party on a boat. People must have a way to escape at any time and this prevents some bah-humbugs from spoiling the event for everyone when they discover they’re stuck long after their holiday spirit has been used up. It is also good for any employees who have medical conditions which might require attention or potential accidents.

Door Prizes. Have them. People want to have fun and if you start the night out with presents, it really gets people in the mood. They’ll know you’re doing your best to show them that you care about them and not just their work and performance back at the office. Think about having goodie bags which are personalized for each employee. Gifts that say you remember the things they’ve told you about their personal life. If an employee has had a recent child give them a gift card to a store for clothes or toys for toddlers and infants. Likewise if you have a gamer in your tech department, give them a gift card to a game store or pay for a month’s online membership for their gaming community. Things like this really show that you’re paying attention. Make sure employees who choose not to attend still have a gift-bag waiting for them on their desk the next day.

Make sure your holiday party suits your company ethic as well. If you’re a non-profit or volunteer organization make the night shine with awards for service and accomplishments. If you are a sales-driven company you can do the same thing but add perks to the awards which don’t infringe on your bottom-line.

At The Avenue Banquet Hall we have been providing a clean, generous space with capable staff to our clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade. From Vaughn to Queen’s Quay, Etobicoke to Scarborough we take care of the details so that you can turn your attention to what is most important, your guests, family and friends. We are committed to giving every event our undivided attention. Our multifunction space and full kitchen can accommodate parties from thirty to five-hundred in style and comfort.

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