Chinese and Asian Weddings

Chinese and Asian wedding ceremonies are rich in tradition. Choosing a favourable date, and drawing on the traditions of the Three Letters, and the Six Etiquette are important to many families and are just some of the ceremonial customs passed down.

Modern couples may or may not agree to adhere to all the traditions which thier ancestors and parents practiced. Some choose to mix mondern Western themes with traditional themes. Some couples ignore them completely and others adhere to them in full.

A typical Chinese/Asian menu would be as follows:

Roasted suckling pig and jelly

Deep fried seafood and seaweed roll

Sauteed fresh scallops and sliced octopus with vegetables

Sharks fin soup with assorted dried seafood and bamboo

Braised whole conpoys and mushroom

Deep fried crispy chicken

Stir lobster with green onion and ginger

Steamed seasonal fish with soya sauce

Fried rice with barbeque pork

Braised E-Fu Noodle

The Avenue is capable of designing any menu to satisfy your taste and your budget.



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