Banquet Halls in Toronto Embrace Vegetarian Cooking

Many banquet halls in Vaughan and Toronto are now incorporating vegetarian food options into their food options. Only, a great culinary team can transform vegetarian meals to compliment the ambiance of the event and at the same time be tasteful.

Adopting a vegetarian lifestyle is considered to be a major step in the conscious adoption of a much healthier lifestyle by many. Transitioning from a non – vegetarian diet to an all vegetarian diet can be initially jarring for many. The following should shed some light on how to make said transition easier.

To fully understand a vegetarian lifestyle, one must know the various types of vegetarians there are:

Vegans: These pure vegetarians do not eat any which originates from an animal

Do not eat meat, meat products, eggs, milk, milk products, honey and even gelatin

Lacto-ovo vegetarians: These vegetarians consume dairy and poultry

Do not eat meat or any meat products

Lacto-vegetarians: These vegetarians consume milk and milk products

Do not eat meat, meat products or eggs

Ovo-vegetarians: These vegetarians consume eggs and products containing eggs

Do not eat meat, meat products, may consume milk

Pesco-vegetarians: These vegetarians includes fish and seafood in their diet

Do not eat other meat, meat products

Partial-vegetarians: These vegetarians eat mostly vegetarian cuisine. May consume chicken, fish or seafood, but only occasionally

The primary concern many adoptees of a vegetarian diet is whether or not they will be able to get the same amount and quality of nutrition they did from their non – vegetarian diet. The concern arises from the fact that most vegetarian diets involve carbohydrate rich ingredients like bread and potatoes. Protein deficiency is also a common concern amongst those looking to switch to a vegetarian diet. The protein levels in a vegetarian diet vary from individual to individual because of variances in age, height, weight, sex, activity levels and can easily be regulated.

The following tips should help vegetarian chefs in adding that extra touch to their meals which can not only ease the transition into vegetarianism, but become a reason to do so as well.

Olive Oil: It plays a great part in letting the individual flavors of the ingredients come out, adding a burst of taste to your meal.

Spices: A well stocked spice rack can help you add a whole new set of flavors to existing recipes, giving them a unique twist every time.

Lemons: Limes and lemons can be used to add a dash of vitamin C and flavor to any vegetarian meal.

Nuts: Adding roasted nuts and seeds can boost the flavor and the nutritive value of any meal almost instantly.

Pressure Cookers: Using pressure cookers helps the food retain its nutritive values and flavors as well.

Adopting a vegetarian diet is one of the most major decisions in one’s life and adopting these strategies will ensure that no vegetarian misses out on any perceived benefits that non – vegetarian food might offer.

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