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Practical Wedding Tips

There are a staggering number of issues to deal with before, during and even after a wedding. For your bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests there are planning sessions, pre-wedding rehearsals and of course your rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch to think about.

So to help you out we’re compiled some practical tips to help the whole thing go off without any more hassle than is strictly necessary:

Know precisely how many guests you will be having before engaging the services of a venue. You will want room to breathe and cut loose when it’s all over. Make sure the wedding day doesn’t fall on an important holiday or take place during an event which occupies a large portion of the city such as a race or expo. Take a hint from your local meteorologist and plan in advance so your wedding is properly accommodated for whatever the weather might do. Even a spring/summer wedding can fall victim to the whims of nature.

When you choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen you need to be sure that they’re not only the people you want closest to you on the big day but that they are indeed those most reliable in your life. You need to be sure that they’re going to be as excited about your wedding as you are, and thus they won’t be hurt or resentful when you lean heavy on them during the weeks and months leading up to the ceremony. Pick your maid of honor and best man from your short list, keeping in mind that they’re almost as much the star of the reception and ceremony as you are. Think about making sure that your speech-makers aren’t uncomfortable in front of large crowds and can really express themselves. Along side this thought, be sure that all the important talking is done before the bar has been open for too long. Unless you like that sort of thing.

When you think about your wedding plans and are beginning to see in your mind what the reality of your day is going to be, reconcile yourself to some simple facts. It is not going to be perfect because nothing ever is. It may not be what you dreamt of growing up, if indeed you ever thought about it in the first place. Those without preconceptions of what their wedding ought to be like, often find it easier to roll with the punches when things get fouled up due to the myriad potential complications involved with planning any large event or gathering.

Sit down for an evening with those you’ve chosen to rely on and lay out precisely what you will need from each of them and give them a way out if something is going to interfere with a previous engagement or responsibility they cannot put aside. Plan your wedding around your loved ones instead of demanding that everyone plan around you. You will show the people nearest and dearest just how important their presence is in making your day so big.

At Avenue Banquet Hall, we take pride in providing an immaculate and elegant space run by dedicated and capable staff who our clients have counted upon throughout the Greater Toronto Area for more than a decade. From Vaughn to Queen’s Quay, from Etobicoke to Scarborough we take the care of the details so that you can turn your attention to what is most important: your guests, your family and friends.

We are committed to giving every event, every day, our precise and specific attention. Our venue is multifunction and our kitchens can accommodate parties from thirty to five-hundred providing all the comfort and amenities you require for yourself and your guests.

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