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It’s the first week of December and that means the official countdown to the holidays is on! Many festive corporate parties and events are well under way at our Toronto and Vaughan banquet hall. In these next couple of posts, we’re stepping away from our tradition wedding blog and writing about Christmas and holiday party planning. Most companies who come to our banquet hall ask, “but what do we do during a holiday party?” In this blog post we give you our guide for planning the perfect holiday corporate, office, or family party.


Every party needs decorations, but you want to make sure you incorporate every holiday that is being celebrated by your guests. It is easy to mix holiday themes and colours. Why not try decorating a Christmas tree with Hannukah and Diwali ornaments? You can even hang paper lanterns from the ceiling with twinkling Christmas lights.

If that isn’t your cup of tea, try choosing a theme that in inspired by nature, rather than specific holiday. Bring in a snowy winter wonderland theme with sparkly snowflakes, white lights and fake snow paint on the windows. You can even try incorporating winter, seasonal nature like birch tree stump centerpieces, pine wreaths, and acorns in glass vases.


We have so many winter inspired cocktails and drinks found here. Our best advice is to have a welcoming drink as your guests enter so that they have something to hold and “break the ice” with. Even if it is a cash bar, make sure the first round is on you. Other simple drinks that are a hit with every crowd, is champagne or sparkling wine. It is the perfect way to toast your crowd and ring in the holidays.


Our favourite winter themed desserts can be found here for tons of inspiration including a chocolate fountain and caramel crunch cake. At our holiday staff parties we always include a pot luck option, so that every culture is represented and guests can feel proud of the joy their food brings to others. Hors devours are always a great idea to start the party off, either being passed around or having tables set up throughout your party with easy finger foods like cheese, olives and bread.


Every party needs something to do that’s not just eating! Our favourite forms of entertainment involve getting your guests to mingle. Why not rent a photo booth for the night where partygoers can wear hilarious props and costumes? You can also always play tons of holiday group games with prizes (more of this to come next week!).

For even more ideas for your 2015 holiday party make sure to check out our 2014 Holiday Party Must Haves.

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