2015 Spring Wedding Trends


Spring is here and that means the arrival of spring themed weddings! Spring is one of the most popular times to get married. The change in weather reflects the change in décor we’ve been seeing at our Toronto banquet hall. There has been a large increase in the number of floral designs, with brides choosing brighter, warmer colours to incorporate into their wedding.

This past weekend we had a beautiful wedding which was designed by Flowers Time Toronto. They had a main colour scheme of yellow against white backgrounds to create the perfect spring wedding.



Spring colours for floral designs should be inspired by the change in season. Soft pinks for example are a perfect choice for wedding designs. Flowers like peonies are soft and delicate but provide an interesting texture to any bouquet. They also come in a variety of pastels to compliment any colour scheme. What better colour than yellow? Yellow is a true spring time colour and reflects the change in season .




Chaivari chairs are a major trend for spring weddings. They open the room and give the affect of a breezy light room. Some places to rent them in Toronto or in the GTA are:

Detailz Couture is located on Dolomite Road in North York and is our preferred vendor when renting chaivari chairs.

Chiavari Chair Rental Canada is located on Flint Road in Toronto and offers a wide variety of chair rental options.



A big trend in food we are seeing at our banquet hall is the idea of family style serving. This means that the food is served on larger platters in the middle of the table where everyone can help themselves or pass on. This goes against the notion of individual plating but brings people closer together over the idea of sharing food.


Tall Tiered Cakes

Wedding cakes are making a big comeback in tall levels and intricate designs. Cake designers like I Do Wedding Cakes make your cake a memorable and delicious addition to your special night.



Wedding Dresses

Picking a wedding dress has to be the hardest decision a bride needs to make. At this years 2015 Bridal Fashion Week a revolutionary concept was introduced-the removable skirt. Now you can have two dresses in one for the big night!



Wherever you can add calligraphy we suggest you so! Wedding invitations or place cards are the perfect opportunity to add beauty and class to the typical print. Calligraphy adds a fancy touch and really dresses up the paper.


Statement Hair Pieces or Earrings

Veils will always be stunning but many brides are turning to statement head dresses or glamorous earrings to add a little more than sparkle to their wedding dress. We’ve seen numerous brides even opting out the veil in exchange for the tiara or bridal hat. Our personal favourite is a floral hair garlands. Another great tip is to add the statement piece after your ceremony when you take your veil off. That way, you can have a change in outfit without changing your dress!

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