Wedding Trends for Adventurous Couples

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Wedding Crasher
Wedding Crasher

If you’re a couple looking for a way to make your wedding anything but traditional, here are four fun new food trends that will surprise (and delight) your guests!

Food Trucks
Food trucks are having a moment. And why shouldn’t they be? Bring the fun of food on wheels to your wedding venue by inviting local trucks to come and cater. Doing this allows you to get more creative when it comes to what you serve, and it also gives you the opportunity to do a few different ideas. You can have a truck come for a main course, another for dessert, and even a third for appetizers, etc.

Worried about lines? Your guests will actually love a break from the usual and take advantage of the opportunity to visit and mingle.

Big Batch Paella
A traditional Spanish celebratory feast, paella is a seafood dish that is made in large (sometimes huge) batches. It’s easy to serve, tasty, and a fun spectacle for your guests to see, especially if you’re able to have your dinner served outside where the paella can be cooked over an open flame.

Looking for a drink to pair with this creative food choice? Big pitchers of sangria on tables are an obvious, and delightful, choice.

Satellite Bars
From coffee to scotch, cigars and tapas, satellite bars create stations for your guests to enjoy throughout the wedding. These bars allow you to think about the big-picture experience – what do you want your day to be like exactly? Crafting satellite bars that match your taste and personality allow you to make your day even more unique and that much more enjoyable for your guests, too.

When asked what their favorite meal of the day is, many couples find themselves agreeing on one: Brunch. Brunch, while an unexpected choice for weddings, actually makes a lot of sense for many couples. It gives you the opportunity to have a morning wedding (a lovely thing in the summer when temperatures get high by afternoon) and to have the afternoon to get to your honeymoon or wedding night destination. Brunch food, like waffles, crepes, mimosas, tend to be less expensive than other meal options, but no less delicious.

The catering team at The Avenue Banquet Hall are always creating new foods. Check out our wedding catering options.

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