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Perhaps you always wanted to get married in a barn. Maybe the big city is where your heart lies, or the beach, with its glittering sand and soft surf is where you’d most like to be. A mountaintop, a meadow, the backyard, a historical building; when it comes to wedding themes anything and everything goes. People have been married while scuba diving, or while jumping out of a plane, history buffs have been married in period costume and still others have put together extravagant nuptials while dressed as the characters from their favorite movie. It is your big day, so why not have it exactly how you want it, incorporating all of your favorite things into what will be the happiest day of your life?

Pulling a themed wedding together takes a bit of thought and, if you want your wedding party to dress up—a bit of cooperation, but the effort is well worth it to get the day of your dreams.


A beach wedding for a lot of brides also means a destination wedding, but the colors, the views and the barefoot-in-the-sand experience certainly makes all the planning worthwhile. Pretty, flowing dresses for the girls and a casual attitude for the men mean no ties or jackets are required, and who can resist saying their vows at sunset on a sweeping expanse of sand? Write your names and the wedding date on pretty shells or sand dollars as a memento of the day, serve your guests fresh seafood amid beautiful hues of blue and green and have sea grasses and shells serve as lovely centerpieces.

If you want a beach theme but can’t get to an actual beach, a bouquet made of seashells, shells and grasses as decorations and a themed reception with beach-y hues of gold, blues and greens can lend that feel to your big day.


Seasonal weddings take the beauty of each time of the year into careful consideration. Summer weddings will traditionally be full of roses and colorful flowers, a barbeque or picnic type reception where the guests dance under the stars, and summery dresses compliment the theme. In fall, the colors turn to gold, red and beautiful rich browns, fall leaves compliment the décor and mini pumpkins serve as place card presenters. Decorate with gourds, baskets and potted mums to add color and texture to the reception venue. Winter lends itself to beautiful navy hues, mixed with silver for a shimmering color palette. White flowers, graceful snowflake accents and twinkling lights make for a welcoming and warm reception venue as your guests come out of the cold and into a winter wonderland. Then there is spring, a time where the earth is reborn and everything is fresh again. A color palette of greens, pinks, lilacs and white for your color theme work in harmony with the fresh cut tulips and daffodils in tall clear vases that make beautiful centerpieces. Dainty cupcakes with butterfly details make lovely favors or combine to create a lovely wedding cake design.


Shabby Chic/Country

If you are planning this type of wedding theme think roses. Lots and lots of roses. Teacups, antique place settings, mismatched chairs, homemade jams, pies, candles in mason jars, and tablecloths made of lace, quilts or patterned fabrics all combine for a twist on the traditional. Wreaths of roses can be used as a head-piece, held by a flower girl as she makes her way down the aisle or used as decorations at the reception. Lace, ribbons and tulle accent the theme in countless ways, and don’t worry if place settings don’t match; it’s all part of the charm.  Antique jewelry, brooches and Victorian inspired accents are a must on everything from the bridesmaids to the reception tables. For favors why not give each guest a teacup and saucer, a pot of jam, a tea diffuser or a heart shaped wrought iron bottle opener?

City Theme

You’re in love with the city, the architecture and soaring skyscrapers make you heart sing, you can’t imagine not getting married right in the middle of downtown, so why not make it a reality? Beautiful bold colors like black or red as wedding colors accent the floor to ceiling windows of your venue where guests dine on fabulous food while taking in the magnificent views. Ultra-modern and minimalistic details like tailored linens, structured bouquets and glass centerpieces add to the sophistication of the event. Invitations can be printed on photographs of your city’s skyline, while a famous landmark can serve as inspiration for the favors like on the label of your private vintage or spirit.

Historical period weddings or those that emulate your favorite moments and characters from a film or television show will mean that you have to get your clothing made especially for your big day; that is if you can’t rent it. But diehard fans who know their stuff can pull off incredible weddings full of their favorite details from their era or show. What about a replica of the Millennium Falcon as a cake for a Star Wars buff or have your bridesmaids in hoop skirts and bonnets for a Civil War era affair.  From finding the perfect location or historical home to be your backdrop to what to give your guests as favors, a themed wedding of this type is truly a labor of love, but a remarkable way to tie the knot.

One theme that is tried and true but that is still as popular today as it was years ago is the traditional theme. You know, the bride is in a fabulous gown, the groom in a tuxedo, there is a place of worship and a venue for the reception. Any variations on this theme will end with the same result, you will be Mr. and Mrs. and your lives together will be about to start. Enjoy, have fun and do it your way. It is, after all, your big day.



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