Wedding Receptions: Cocktail or Traditional?

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Toronto wedding venueIf you’re considering a cocktail wedding reception versus a traditional sit-down reception there are a few things that you should be aware of. Before we even start let’s get one thing clear: neither is necessarily less expensive than the other.

While a cocktail reception may feel like the less expensive option, this isn’t always the case.

Here is a short list of some of the things that will happen if you choose to have a cocktail reception at your wedding.

1. It will be easier to invite more people. This is awesome if the big wedding-feel is what you’re going for. However, if you’re wanting to choose to have a smaller wedding, a cocktail reception can feel a little forced and, at times, some of your guests might feel awkward.
2. It’s more likely that guests will mingle. When you’re just having drinks and finger foods people are more likely to walk around and strike up conversations.This is a really fun atmosphere and can help make your wedding enjoyable for your guests. Keep in mind that when you ask guests to mix conversations and alcohol, you don’t always have control over what will happen!
3. Some guests may feel disappointed. If guests are used to traditional receptions they may not understand the concept of a cocktail reception. Because of this, make sure your guests understand how these type of receptions work so they can make the decision to load up on food before or after the reception. Nothing is worse than a crowd full of really hungry guests!
4. You still have to think about seating. While most people will stand up there will be plenty of ladies in heels and older guests who need a place to sit at some point during the evening. Because of this, make sure you have plenty of seating.

Cocktail wedding receptions are loads of fun, but traditional receptions can be just as fun if planned correctly.

It all comes down to what type of atmosphere you want and what kind of venue you are planning on using. And if you’re stuck between options, it’s always possible to mix both. Who doesn’t love a cocktail reception followed by a delicious traditional meal?

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