Wedding Chair Covers

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When you are planning a wedding there are so many details that combine to make your perfect day a reality. What attire you and your attendants are going to wear, what flowers you will carry, how the reception venue will look and the hundreds of other decisions besides are considered and as you prepare for that walk down the aisle. When it comes to your venue, whether it be outdoors on inside, the popular trend is to use some sort of chair cover or decoration to pull the room décor together. This is in addition to the tablecloths, the centerpieces, the place settings the other decorations and the fun attractions—think photo booth—that will fill the venue and become party central for your guests.

Wedding chair covers have become big business, and although simple white covers accented with a splash of the wedding color are still a classic choice, the possibilities including style, color and price are endless. You can decorate chairs to visually tie the room together; a great idea if your venue offers a mismatched selection of seats, or you can decorate them to fit in with your wedding theme, which is especially helpful if your venue offers chairs in a color that clash with your pre-selected wedding colors. Chairs that are lovely on their own will look exquisite with a simple accent or you can choose to decorate just those seats that will be used by the bride and groom. Whatever your preference, putting a unique stamp on your wedding chairs will leave a lasting impression on your guests and help you create the reception of your dreams.

It all starts with an idea. If you have a theme to your wedding, you will want to tie your chairs in to maintain that theme, for example a western wedding may have horseshoes on ribbons adorning the backs. If you are getting married in a garden, a lovely garland of fresh flowers will do the trick, simple grasses and seashells accent a beach wedding and if your wedding is very formal, ruffles and lace in chair shaped ‘shrugs’ that adorn the back in sophisticated style are a great option. After you have an idea of what you want, the big question is your budget. Of course, if money is no object you can have whatever your heart desires, and get someone to make them for you in the most opulent of fabrics and designs, but most brides these days do have to stick to a budget and that may mean either renting covers from the venue or an outside source, scouring the internet for deals on gently used covers or simply making them yourself.

If you are going with an actual cover rather than just a decoration, pillowcases make a great option. Bought in bulk, the pillowcases are cheaper than the rental price at most venues and with just a little twist and some ribbon, you have a simple yet elegant design. If designer chairs are what you are after, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Some brides opt for bright ribbons in their wedding colors simply tied onto the top rung of a chair, allowing for a fluttery effect in the slightest breeze– a lovely idea for an outdoor service. Others opt for an ombre effect with ribbons in different wedding color hues tied around chair backs horizontally and then tied in simple knots at the back, allowing for the ends to cascade down the chair. If you want to up the glamor level, use ruffled ribbon or curl ribbon into ringlets to make a statement piece.

Tulle is a fabric that is perfect for a wedding; it is relatively cheap to buy, comes on a roll and is available in all different colors to boot. It is also easy to work with, won’t fray and makes lovely accessories. One beautiful use for tulle is simply to drape a length of it around the back of a chair from the front and tie in a bow. Using a length of ribbon in a coordinating hue on top of the tulle makes for a pretty effect and a tiny bunch of ribbon roses adorning the middle of the bow is also a pretty option. Tulle can also be used in combination with an actual chair cover, and will show off its color perfectly set against the white background. Tulle can also be used without the bow if you are looking for more of a shrug look for your chairs, just make rounds (glue or otherwise fasten two ends together) that fit onto the backs and use them alone or with coordinating ribbon for the desired effect.

Feathers, flowers, beads and even wooden signs can be incorporated into chair cover ideas that offer a unique change of pace from the ordinary and make your reception sparkle. If you don’t want the expense of covering all of the seats at the reception, there is always the option of only designing his and hers places for the bride and groom. His and Hers, Bride and Groom, your initials, your names, nicknames, etc. can be displayed in a variety of ways and incorporated into exquisite perches for the newly married couple. Think beads on thick wire shaped into your initials sitting in a bed of tulle or simply hanging from a chair rail. Flower arrangements to match your bridal bouquet in miniature can also adorn your chair, and you can go as formal or informal as you wish.

The best advice about covers or decorations is to keep the chairs as comfortable as possible for your guests. Adornments should always go to the back or the side so that your guests can actually sit in the chairs, and avoid long flowing fabric or ribbons spilling onto the floor that may trip guests or prevent them from moving freely in and out of their seats. Go with what you love and your day will be a memorable one…the stuff that dreams are made of.

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