Six Things Every Awesome Bridesmaid Needs To Do

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wedding partyCongratulations! You’re a bridesmaid! You get to be a part of your friend’s big day, be in all of the pictures, and feel very important. But wait! There’s more. In order to take yourself from the status of “bridesmaid” to “awesome bridesmaid”, here are six things you need to do.

1. Take Part In The Planning Of The Bridal Shower. Sure, the mom-of-the-bride or the maid/matron-of-honor says they’ve got it all under control, but you know there is a ton to do. Rather than just asking, “Is there anything I can do?”, be more specific and volunteer for specific tasks, like addressing invites, picking up food, coming early to set up tables, etc.

2. Shop And Pay For Your Own Dress. The bride is overwhelmed as it is (no matter how put together she seems). Go with her to look for bridesmaid dresses and, despite her effort to try to buy the dress for you, refuse. Give her a big hug instead and say that she’s already done enough just inviting you to take part in the big day.

3. Make Yourself Useful On The Big Day. You can also take this note as a reminder to not get sloshed on mimosas before noon. While it’s likely that the bride has planned a day of pampering for everyone, remember (as you are enjoying that pedicure) that you are a guest. Any little tasks that pop up, like running downstairs to check in with the photographer, double checking with the florist that all flowers are being delivered, carrying her train as she paces nervously – these are all tasks that you should be helping with!

4. Be A Stand-In Hostess. Everyone will be wanting to see the bride – and not just to say “Congratulations!” People will have questions, like “Where’s the bar?” or “Where’s the bathroom?” or “When will dinner be served?” An awesome bridesmaid helps the bride’s guests, answering their questions, visiting with Grandpa at the table, and tracking down the little nephew who is chasing the flower girl around the building.

5. Dance Enthusiastically (But With Control.) The bridesmaids can help to make or break a wedding. After the bride, they are the most observed people at a wedding. If you’re having fun, everyone is having fun. When the music comes on, be the first to bust-a-move. Just be sure to maintain composure with your enthusiasm so you’ll avoid the inevitable question of, “How much has she had to drink?!”

6. Don’t You Dare Complain. Yes, chances are you are tired. You don’t feel well. You don’t love your dress, or your hair, or the way your makeup looks. As a living, breathing human, you will have complaints that arise not just on the wedding day, but during the entire planning process as well. Do your best to not vocalize these complaints. Your job is to support the bride, not make her worry. If you feel a complaint coming on, this is where that shot of tequila comes in handy.

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