How to Choose a Wedding Season?

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Toronto wedding venueSummer Weddings vs. Winter Weddings: The Pros and Cons to Consider

While choosing to have a summer or winter wedding may seem like a simple decision based on the weather, the truth is that there are many other elements to consider.

Before you set a date, consider the pros and cons of a summer vs.a winter wedding in the list below.

Summer Wedding Pros

1. Warmer weather. If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding you probably don’t want your guests to be shivering. This is why most couples who want an outdoor wedding choose a summer date.
2. Longer days. More daylight usually means more hours of the day to work with when planning your ceremony.
3. Beautiful scenery. Outdoor summer weddings lend themselves to beautiful pictures with scenic backgrounds. If you have always pictured yourself in your wedding dress surrounded by wildflowers, a summer wedding is the obvious choice.

Summer Wedding Cons

1. Higher prices and fewer options. Because summer months are the most popular, venues will be more expensive and less available which may make planning things difficult, if not impossible.
2. Clashing dates. Because it’s the summer, friends and families with kids may already have plans on their own. And, due to the popularity of summer weddings, you may have to plan around other people’s weddings too.
3. It may be too hot. Trust me, it’s bad to have your guests freezing in the cold but it’s just as bad to have them sweating profusely in 110 degree heat. If it is this hot make sure there’s shade nearby and plenty of refreshments ready to go.

Winter Wedding Pros

1. It’s less expensive. Thanks to the wedding not being in the summer months, most venues are not near as busy and will be happy to take any business they can get.
2. Nobody will be sweating. This is especially good if you think you may have a nervous groom.
3. No clashing dates. Most kids will be in school still and most of their sports teams will be less active so their parents will have more time. There also won’t be near as many other weddings or other events for you to plan around.

Winter Wedding Cons

1. Snow. This very well could be a pro too, but if you’re not prepared it can ruin your wedding. Imagine half of your guests not making it because the roads were too bad. Or even worse, crashing their cars trying to get to your wedding.
2. Brrrrrrrrrrr. Yes it will be cold. Make sure to remind yourself and your guests to layer up.
3. The Dress. While there are of course layers a bride can wear when she needs to, it can feel like a shame to cover up that beautiful dress.

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